Design & Dye-Sublimation Services

From Cosplay to the theatre, we can create the fabric design you are looking for using Digital Dye-Sublimation. 

Dye-Sublimation is the art/science of infusing dye into Polyester fabric. Today, polyester fabric comes in so many textures and weights, there is something for everyone. From scuba suits to gymnastics; from dance to weightlifting;  we can "print" fabric with a unique design for you. 

Choose from our catalogue of designs -- which can be adapted to just about any type of garment -- or create your own.

We will also license the use of our designs for individuals, teams, clubs, and organizations on a per use basis.

Digital Dye-Sublimation begins with design on the computer, and then printing on a special Ink Jet printer using Dye rather than standard ink. 

Shown here: Epson SureColor F6370

Next the paper is loaded onto the continuous Rotary Heat Press, along with the fabric, and the two get pressed together. We can print single items, or yardage. 

Shown here: 5 meters of Chiffon being printed.