A Little About Us

Dye-Sublimation of Non-Medical Mask Fabric -- we are printing 5 rolls of fabric at one.

TaggerWear is a Canadian small business manufacturing company that specializes in stretch garments, dye-sublimation, and small orders.

We pride ourselves on fast-turnarounds, exquisite quality, and the ability to give you exactly what you want.

Whether it's a swimsuit, skating costume, wrestling trunks, or branded cycling gear, we can design, print, cut, and sew your garments.

We started in 2004 as a home-based business, and grew up enough by 2017 to move into our own manufacturing facility with our dye-sublimation machines.

We can produce yardage 44" wide and any length you need. We specialize in stretch fabrics such as Chloroban (tm), Dri-Tex,  DK Athletic (Scuba), and Sport mesh for jerseys or tees. 

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TaggerWear Inc.


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