Choose a Skin Tone

With printed fabric, we can match your skin tone. No more wrong colour mesh,  just select the colour from one of these five charts that is the closest to your skin tone and we will print that colour for you.

If you want to incorporate your skin tone into your design, same thing: select the closest match and that is the colour we will use. Each page has 100 different colours on it; from darkest to lightest in that family. Each family includes Black in the gradation.

We can print both solid fabrics and mesh in the colours you need.

To select a colour:

  1. Download the colour chart to your computer

  2. Print the colour chart on white paper using a colour printer.

  3. If your colour printer does not show colours true -- ie you've printed photos and they look "off" do no use your printer -- take the file to Staples.

  4. Use the printed colour to get as close to your skin tone as possible. 

  5. Write down the colour recipe that appears under the colour -- it will be in a xxx,yyy,zzz format.

  6. Send us this information along with your design, indication where you want the skin colour.

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