Social, Competitive, Formal

Dance is an expression of joy.

If you need a special garment to help you express that joy, we can help!

Formal, Competitive, and Social garments - custom made.

Dancewear for Ladies -- Practice & Fun

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Competition Jackets & Robes

Dancesport involves a lot of waiting! Hanging around in your costume is not very convenient because you don't want it damaged or soiled. 

So you need a jacket or robe to cover your garment, that will keep you warm between dances and warm-ups!

We can customize a jacket or robe for your dance school, club, or team. Printed with high quality graphics, photos, and artwork, it will show off your dance school, while hiding your costume from everyone's eyes!

The TW Dance Store

At the TaggerWear Dance Store you can find a selection of dance wear for women and men, as well as girls and boys. We have skirts, tops, pants, catsuits, leggings, dresses, shirts, and specialty wear.

These clothes are for sale, but they also serve as examples of what we can do. So if you see something, but need it in a different colour, a different fabric, or a slightly different style -- that's what we do! 

We create bespoke clothing -- whether it's for practice, performance, competition, or a special occasion. 

Here are some examples of customer's orders:

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