Custom Printed Fabric -- For Stretch Garments

Since the Summer Olympics of 2012, the Synchro world has been taken with custom printed design for swimsuits. 

While not new - as custom printing for teams and sports has been around for a while - Digital Dye-Sublimation is new technology.

We are using this technology to print exquisite designs on stretch fabric developed specifically for swimwear. What's different about that, is the stretch. 

This new technology has better ink - or dye - that gives better colour, deeper colours, brighter colours, and precise printing.

This technology is a digital replacement for the traditional screen printing process. We can produce fabric for:

  • high-end fashion

  • athletic wear

  • sports jerseys

  • swimwear


There are many more ideas under the sun for custom printed fabric, call us today and let us know what your idea is, we'll help you make it happen.  (613-727-9883)


Epson UltraChrome DS inks comply with the AZO certification and meet the Oeko-Tex Oeko Tex - 100 Safety Standard.  

This is a system by which textile chemical suppliers demonstrate that their product can be used in a sustainable textile production Epson UltraChrome DS ink is certified by the Eco Passport. This is an international safety standard in the textile industry. It is certified to be

safe for adults and children, including babies.



We use an Epson SureColor F6200 for our printing. It has print resolutions up to 1,440 x 720 dpi 8-pass for amazing image quality. It's like printing high-resolution photos!


The machine has precision dot control for outstanding clarity and sharpness for garment imaging. This means our sports wear can have design detail that is unmatched in traditional costumes: Thin lines, gradient colours, and shadows, and 3-dimensional images, are just some of the features that can be easily done with printing.

So how's it done? The process is just like desktop publishing on paper.

Think of it as desktop publishing for fabric. 

We print directly from the computer to a heat-transfer paper that is used to bond the design to fabric with heat. People have been doing this for a while on other materials. Now, we do this to stretch fabric. All kinds of stretch fabric:

  • swimwear fabric like Chloroban (TM)

  • active mesh for jerseys

  • fine poly mesh for a see-through look

  • compression fabrics for athletics

  • microfibre fabrics good for yoga

  • heavy stretch "football" spandex fabric for jackets and pants

  • poly chiffon (non-stretch) to make fanciful garments for formal occasions. 

Think of an image, any image, we can put it on a swimsuit! The sky is truly only limited by your imagination. If you can draw it, we can print it -- and if you cannot draw it, we can!

Digital Dye-Sublimation

Chloroban (tm) Polyester

Chloroban (tm) Polyester

Polyester Power Mesh

Polyester Power Mesh

Polyester/Tactel Athletic Jersey

Polyester/Tactel Athletic Jersey

Coolever Poly/Spandex

Coolever Poly/Spandex

Neon Poly Tactel Spandex

Neon Poly Tactel Spandex

Active Mesh

Active Mesh

Athletic DK

Athletic DK

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