This page has an online form for requesting a quote from us for a Synchro Suit. Please complete all the fields and ensure you attach a drawing in JPG form if you have one.

Below the Get a Quote form, you will find links to all the forms  you need for recording measurements, registering your club, and drawing designs.

Click on one of the images below to print or download.

Club Registration Form
Please complete and return this form to register your club, team, or athlete for an order.
Design From
Use this template to hand-draw your design.
Drawing for measuring Swimsuits
This drawing shows you where to measure, and gives you a place to record the measurements. Please include the swimmer's current swimsuit size and brand.
Contract of Sale
This is the Contract of Sale for Customers of TaggerWear, purchasing product for a club or team. It outlines the responsibilities of both TaggerWear and The Customer.

It will be required to move forward on any teams orders.
Team Order Form
Use this form to record the athletes names, measurements, and size ordered.

Also record contact information -- email and phone number that will be monitored.

This is the contact that will be used by us to communicated with you.
2018 TaggerWear Size Chart
The 2018-2019 Sizing Chart for TaggerWear swimwear.

Compare your measurements to the chart and select a size within +/- 1/2" or 1 cm to find your size.

If the measurements you need do not fall into these sizes, you may need a Long cut or a Plus size.

We do bespoke fitting as well, for an extra fee.
Copyright Release Form
If you find a design on the Internet, that design is the intellectual property of the company who created it. Legally, you cannot use the image without written permission.

Obtain permission and then use this form to prove you have it for us to use for you.

This works in reverse too - use this form to obtain permission from us before using one of our designs.
Dance Design Form
Form for designing. Use your imagination to draw your perfect ideas.
Dance Measurements Drawing
Form to measure and record for dancewear, swimwear, skating, and any other clothing.
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To get a Synchro Quote from us, click HERE.
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