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Frequently asked questions

Do you make "made-to-measure" garments?

TaggerWear does not make made-to-measure or bespoke garments. We specialize in custom design on standard sizes. We can do custom patterns for made-to-measure garments, but that will add a pattern-making fee to your cost.

What is custom design?

Custom design is the combination of colour, shape, and images to your garment in a specific way. These designs can include graphic design elements like gradients, lines, shadows, glows, 3D, and so much more.

We can also incorporate images like clipart, illustrations, and photos into your design. However, you must have written permission from the original artist or photographer to use these images. A permission form will be required.
Custom design also includes creating a new style of garment. This type of customization requires new sewing patterns, and will add to the cost.

Do you alter garments?

Yes, we can do alterations for you. On garments that we produce, a single fitting/alteration is included in the cost of the garment. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges. Intimate garments (worn next to the skin, such as swimwear) must be tried on with undergarments worn. If an intimate garment is tried on without undergarments, and is returned for alterations soiled. It will be sent back to the customer at the customer's expense for laundering. For hygiene/public health reasons, WE DO NOT ALTER SOILED GARMENTS.

Can I return my garment?

For hygiene reasons, we are unfortunately not able to accept any exchanges or returns of swimwear, even if unworn or not tried on. Custom-made garments are not returnable and non-refundable. All sales are final. SWIMSUITS THAT HAVE BEEN WORN IN A POOL CANNOT BE RETURNED. No exceptions. If you are returning a garment for alteration, please ensure it has been laundered properly. Any soiled garments will be returned at the customer's expense. To return a swimsuit for alterations, you must try it on wearing undergarments. Swimsuits cannot be altered if they have not been worn in water. You must report a defect in the garment within 14 days of receipt of order to be able to return it. We will accept a return for repair only. Custom-made garments are not returnable. This was made just for you. It will not fit anyone else, nor is it anyone else's choice of style and colour. So once you remove the garment from our premises, it is yours. Custom-made garments can be altered. When a fitting a garment - whether it is at our location or at a club - it is important to make clear notes on all adjustments required. The first alteration is free. After that, we charge a rate of $25.00/hour.

What sizes do you offer?

We use industry standard sizes for garments such as small, medium, or large. In swimwear we use industry standard sizes such as 28, 30, or 32. Our swimsuits are similar to, but not the same as, major brands such as Speedo(tm) and TYR (tm). When ordering a garment, please take into consideration growth (in children) and preference on fit (snug or loose). Our sizing charts are for snug-fitting swimwear, designed for competitive swimmers. If desired, we can create a custom pattern/size for you, there is a charge of $150.00 for a custom pattern. A custom size on a standard pattern is $35.00.

Who chooses the size?

The client is responsible for choosing the size they want to order, unless they are paying for a custom size or custom pattern.
If you order the incorrect size, you may be able to exchange, depending on the product made for you. This said, the responsibility for choosing the size lies with the customer.

Do I pay tax?

Yes, the Government of Canada requires us to charge tax. Canadian orders shipped within Canada will be charged the tax appropriate for their province or territory. American orders shipped within the US are not charged tax. However, these orders may be subject to duty or customs fees and are the sole responsibility of the receiver. International orders shipped elsewhere are subject to duties and customs of their respective country and are the sole responsibilitiy of the receiver. ​ This charges are in addition to TaggerWear's prices; and in addition to separate shipping and handling costs.

Is shipping included?

We do not include shipping in the estimate, but it is added to the invoice total once the complete order is packaged and weighed. Shipping fees are dependant on destination, weight, and speed of delivery. Every order is different. This cannot be predicted during the estimate process. We ship using Canada Post or Purolator Courier.

What is the ordering process?

When you are ready to place your order with TaggerWear, we will require the following: - An approved design. - A Completed Club Registration form. - A minimum deposit of $50.00 per garment. - An approved size for each person. STEP 1: DESIGN From either one you provide, or an original we create: We start with a design illustration. This illustration will give the client a rough idea of how the garment will look on a body. At this stage we play with colours, design elements, and style until it fits with the client's requirements. Once we have it right, the client provides a written approval by email. STEP 2: ESTIMATE The next stage is to estimate this garment based on fabrics chosen, style of garment, et cetera. Accurate estimates require sizes to ascertain the amount of fabric and time required to create your garment. Acceptance of the estimate by the client required by email. STEP 3: DIGITAL PROOF The next step is to create either a sewing or a sublimation DIGITAL PROOF. This will be a life-size DIGITAL image of the actual sewing pattern or sublimated design. The client needs to review the DIGITAL PROOF carefully as some lines or elements may have moved in the process of creating the proportioned garment. Once the DIGITAL PROOF is correct, approval from the client by email is required. APPROVAL OF THE DIGITAL PROOF MEANS THE CUSTOMER HAS ASSUMED FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE FINAL PRODUCT DESIGN -- INCLUDING PAYMENT IN FULL FOR THE FINISHED PRODUCT. STEP 4: PRODUCTION Once approval has been obtained, the order is placed in the production schedule. This means fabric is ordered, and often the order is cut within 24 hours. There are no further changes to the order, either size or design or fabric at this stage. If you feel you need to change something, there will be additional charges. STEP 5: SHIPPING The client will be notified once the order is nearly complete to arrange for final payment to be made. The final payment will include applicable taxes and freight for shipment. No order is shipped or picked up without full payment.

What if I can see through my suit?

If you have ordered your suit correctly, there should be no transparency/opacity issue. All dye-sub TaggerWear suits use a foiled lining to prevent transparency. Cut-and-sew suits use flesh-coloured lining, to achieve the same level of privacy. This said, the customer is responsible for ensuring that such issues have been resolved when they approve the suit design. So be sure to ask us questions before you approve the design, because once you have approved it, it is approved.

What if the design/colours are in ... awkward places?

Despite our many skills at TaggerWear, we are not psychic. We also do not presume to know more than our customers, or that our customers do not know what they want. If you order suits with designs or colours that end up not looking as you expected when worn, and they are embarassing to the swimmer, this is not something we can correct for free. An example of awkward design is if you place eyes in the upper chest area, or yellow on the bottom of the suit. We will not question your design, unless you ask our opinion. If you are placing a design element in a specific place for a specific reason, please make sure we know that detail. In this way, we will make sure your design comes out the way you want it to. THINK CAREFULLY ABOUT HOW PLACEMENT AND COLOURS WILL LOOK ON YOUR SWIMMERS BEFORE YOU APPROVE THE DESIGN. We can't fix such problems afterwards, and since you approved the design, we cannot be responsible for fixing such problems.

Do you ship to the United States?

Yes we have customers all over the USA. We provide estimates and invoices in US Dollars, and payment options for our US clients is PayPal or cheque. Please be aware that orders shipping from Canada to the United States will cross an international border, and may be subject to import taxes, duties, or other such fees, levied by the US government. These monies are paid to the US government and not to TaggerWear; and are in additional the TaggerWear's prices and shipping/handling costs. We do not have control over whether you have to pay.

Do I have to pay up front?

All orders for custom-made garments require a $50.00 deposit per garment in advance of work. This is a non-refundable deposit once the work has started. If you order the garment we design for you, then the $50.00 deposit is applied to the overall total of the garment. If you want more than one design for the same garment, an additional $50.00 per additional desigh is due before work starts. Providing illustration services is a skilled job, and the person performing that task is entitled to be paid for the time and work. All orders must be paid in full before leaving TaggerWear. We can provide progress billing for larger projects if the client would like to break the payment into more than two amounts.
Fabric that has to be ordered or printed for a client's specific project, is included with the cost of the design. However, if fabric is changed after it is ordered, the client still is responsible for paying for both fabrics. Please be aware, that as soon as a design has been approved at the DIGITAL PROOF stage, all fabric is ordered immediately.

What happens if I don't approve my design on time?

TaggerWear makes garments for a wide variety of clients; often at the same time. We only start production on projects that have been fully approved. Our production schedule is made up of multiple stages; each of which takes time to complete and must be coordinated so we have the correct amount of staff available. So if you don't submit your approval for your design in a timely manner, or forget to send your approval, your project won't get started. This will cause a delay and you won't get your order on time. A week delayed at the beginning of a project does not necessarily mean a one week delay at the end. There is a ripple-down effect. There are other projects scheduled along with yours, and if yours is not ready to proceed, then the next one gets started in your place. Their project may be larger than yours, and will result in a longer delay than expected. We use Microsoft Project to schedule our production. It is easy to illustrate that one day sometimes leads to weeks in delivery delays, as things bounce around staff availability and weekends. Since we work on a first-come first-served basis, a delay in your process will result in all other projects being rescheduled as well... and the point at which you're ready to proceed may not coincide with an opening in the schedule. So if you want your order on time -- don't miss your deadline in getting your designs and approvals to us!

Why does TaggerWear communicate by email, rather than by phone?

There are three good reasons that TaggerWear communicates by email rather than phone. 1) Email is in writiing, so everything is on the record. This avoids misunderstandings, and provides a record that both the company and the client can refer back to. 2) Email is easy to answer quickly; phone calls often are not. 3) Email gets answered quickly; phone calls may not. We would prefer to be working to get your garments made, rather than spending hours on the phone when a quick email would do the trick. So email us! We'll answer as soon as we can.

I've received my order, and I do not like it. What can I do?

First, we are sorry you don't like your order. Know that TaggerWear took every precaution in making sure you were getting what you asked for. Did you receive an illustration to review? Did you approve it? Did you receive a DIGITAL PROOF to review? Did you approve it? If yes, then there is nothing we can do. If you want to change the design for something else, you will need to order another product. There are no returns or exchanges on custom-made garments, although standard products can be exchanged. Keep your tags on the garment and contact us within 10 of receiving your order and we can figure something out for you.

I have not received my order. What do I do?

If your order has not arrived within the time expected, contact us immediately. We only ship product with a tracking number. We will get right on it and locate the order and send you an update. We ship our orders requiring a signature. This ensures that it is not left on someone's front porch and is at risk of being stolen. Occassionally, orders cannot be delivered and are left at a depot for pickup. You may discover a tag on your door providing instructions. Very rarely, parcels get lost, misdirected, or delayed by customs. Contact us immediately! We will do our very best to get the parcel to you. To help prevent that from happening, make sure you send us your current shipping address when you pay the final invoice.

How can I pay for my order?

For Canadian customers, TaggerWear accepts the following:

  • Major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discovery.
  • Interac E-Transfers
  • PayPal
  • Cheques (must be cleared before production can start)
  • Cash
For customers outside of Canada, TaggerWear accepts the following:
  • PayPal, paid in US Funds
  • Cheques, paid in US Funds (must be cleared before production can start)

If I put my order aside, how long do I have to pick it up?

If you have ordered shoes or clothes and they are not pre-paid, you have up to 30 days to pick them up at the store. After 30 days, they will be returned to inventory.

If you have pre-paid your order, then you have 60 days to pick them up. After 60 days, they will be returned to inventory and you have lost your payment.

How do you use and disclose the information I provide on your site?

TaggerWear does not disclose the information you provide on orders to anyone for any reason. We do not collect data for any reason. The address information you provide is relevant to your orders and shipping your order.

We do not share any information in our client list. You can unsubscribe at any time to our Shout-Outs as well. But then you won't see any exciting news from us!

Can I customize shoes?

Yes, many of the styles made by Very Fine Shoes can be customized. These are the styles you can change:

  • Classic styles (shoes style codes are numbers only - eg. 8881) You can change the colour, heel, and width.
  • Salsera styles (shoes starting with SERA - eg. SERA7010) You can change the colour, heel, and width.
  • Signature styles (shoes starting with S - eg. S92307) You can change the colour, heel, and width.
  • C-Series styles (shoes starting with C - eg. C1644) You can change the colour, heel, and width.
This goes for both Ladies and Men's shoes. Special orders take about 6 weeks to arrive. Customizations generally are $15.00 additional and are final sales.

Can I have alterations made to a garment without a fitting?

No. We cannot guarantee a proper fit if the garment is altered without
checking it first at our store, so that we can accurately measure and
mark the desired alterations. This is in line with accepted clothing
industry practices, which we follow.

Sizing Policy

Sizes are determined with the use of measurements provided by the customer. If the measurements are not accurate, we cannot determine the best recommendation of size.

TaggerWear sizes are unique to TaggerWear, and are comparable to, but not the same as, any major brand swimsuit. Choosing a swimsuit size based on the size worn of another brand may lead to improperly fit swimwear.

We do not provide recommendations based on growing room. The size recommendation is based on measurements. If a customer wishes to have a different size than recommended, they assume responsibility for the fit of the suit.

Swimsuits cannot be returned or refunded. A proper fit is important, so increasing the measurement to have growing room simply ensures the wrong size ordered.

All size recommendations must be approved by a club or team representative. Failure to provide approval stalls production of order until approval has been received. This will delay delivery of the order. 

Payments & Deposits Policy

TaggerWear accepts major credit cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discovery for all Canadian Customers.

We also accept Interac E-transfers from all Canadian Customers.

All non-Canadian Customers can use our PayPal link to pay with either a credit card, or through their own PayPal account.


Shoe orders require a $40.00 non-refundable deposit on each pair of custom and non-stocked items. In the event that the shoes ordered do not fit, they may be returned but the cost of return shipping is the responsibility of the customer. The non-refundable deposit is applicable to another pair of shoes.

Shipping Policy

We ship using either Canada Post or Purolator Courier.

We do not ship without a tracking number. Canada Post shipping options are Expedited Parcel (7-10 business days) or XpressPost (2-3 business days).

Shipping rates are set by Canada Post and are calculated at the time of packing. On team orders, all estimates will include a flat rate of $5.00/suit to cover cost of shipping by Canada Post.

Purolator Courier provides next day shipping, and the cost is subject to weight and their current pricing.

We reserve the right to charge adequate shipping to cover costs. Additional charges may apply. When applicable, refunds on overpayment of shipping will be provided.

Guarantee of Workmanship Policy

We guarantee our workmanship on the construction of your garment -- that no seams come undone, no stitching becomes loose, and stitched applique does not comes off; under normal wear.

If the garment is mishandled, left unlaundered with chlorine in it, or subjected to heat through hot tubs, irons, or electric dryers, the fabric will become damaged, and the potential for tears, holes, or rips increases. This does not constitute normal wear.

We do not guarantee the quality of the fabric, except for Chloroban (TM) where the manufacturer's warranty applies. All metallic spandex fabric is subject to chlorine damage, all laminated spandex fabric is subject to water damage. Colours and dyes may bleed or run, and we do our best to supply only colour-fast fabrics. User be aware.

All garments are inspected for quality and defects before they are shipped. Defects must be reported by the customer within 3 days of receiving product.

We repair manufacturing defects at no cost. Shipping charges may apply.

If the suit ordered is the wrong size, it is the responsibility of the customer to pay to replace it. If we make the wrong size, then it is our responsibility to replace it. It must be proven that we have made an error.

Rush Priority Orders Policy

Regular production time for a team of 8 suits is 2-3 weeks.

From time to time we are asked to turn around an order in less than one week. This is only possible if our production schedule is not full, and only if a RUSH PRIORITY fee $50.00 per suit is added to the order.

This fee pays for the staff overtime required to meet the deadline.

However, if time is too short, we may not be able to agree to the rush order.