• Susan Trott

Training Suits R Us!

Hey everyone! As Spring starts the Synchro competitive season is heating up. Moms and swimmers are invested in their routines, practice, and training; putting those finishing touches on their performance in order to compete for Gold.

Competitive swimming -- whether synchronized or not -- is a year-round sport. Swimmers spend hours in the water training for endurance, speed, and accuracy. In Synchronized Swimming, they also have to train for timing and musicality.

All that time in the water damages your suits, and you know, you need at least four suits at a time. One on the body, one in the locker at the pool, one in the laundry, and ultimately another is usually hiding in the bottom of a bag somewhere, right? So replacing those suits can be an expensive task.

The average Endurance suit in Canada will set you back $69-89. If you're lucking they have your size at the retailer. So think of TaggerWear for your practice and training suits! We have Chloroban (TM) chlorine-resistant, and salt-water resistant suits -- custom made! AND we can match the price! For $65 you can have a TaggerWear Chloroban suit in sizes from 20 up to 34. For sizes 36-50 the price is $79.

Can't beat that! All Made in Canada.

Cross Back Suit

Sport Back Suit

Racer Back Suit

K-Strap Suit

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