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TaggerWear started in 2004 with the making of a simple swimsuit - well by hand. A sewing machine was used, but the pattern was hand made and skills were are self-taught.

Back then it took hours to painstakingly draw out a design on a pattern. Once the first pattern design looked right, it then had to be graded (grow or shrink) - again by hand - for however many sizes were needed at the time.

Then each size had to be traced individually so that different pieces could be made.

Needless to say, this process sometimes took an entire day or two - depending on the complexity of the design. Back then we didn't try to do designs that were too complicated, because grading them was very difficult.

Today -- well what a difference!

We use cutting edge CAD software - or Computer Aided Drafting - which as been especially designed for the garment making industry. This cuts the time required for creating and grading a design from days to hours. Literally.