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How to Wear A Synchro Suit

Fitting a TaggerWear suit for competition is not the same as wearing a swimsuit to the beach, or even for practice and swim lessons.

A competition suit should fit the body very snuggle. It should look like a second skin. As a matter of fact, the more advance you get in the sport, the smaller your suit gets in proportion to your body. National/International level competitors typically wear their suits two sizes smaller than their measurements would put them in!

Now, with young girls, especially those in the 10-13 age groups, bodies are changing quickly, and growth is expected. Do you know which growth spurt you're due for? Girls will grow taller in their legs on average around the ages 9-11. Their torso doesn't change size too much during this period even though they may get taller. Check the pants... they're probably too short.

The next phase of female growth is the body - typically putting on weight for the next spurt. That spurt happens 11-13 when they start developing curves. On average a girl has finished her growing by the age of 16 -- she won't likely get any taller, and her torso won't lengthen. Many athletes maintain the same size from the age of 15 through their 20s.

So we often see girls maintaining the same swimsuit size for years - while their dress size gets different. This can be explained two ways: One dresses do not stretch, not like a swimsuit, and two, the dress takes into consideration a girl's overall height, not just her body.

So the best looking Synchro swimsuit should look like it is painted on. There should be no ripples, gaps, or bagginess.

If there are vertical ripples across the neckline, then the suit is too wide - try the next size down.

If the suit has horizontal ripples at the waist, the swimsuit is too long for you, try the next size down.

Our suits are designed so that the top of the leg opening should be on or very near your hip bone. Yes, that high.

Problem: Your suit feels too short on your body, with tightness and pain on the shoulder.

Solution: Pull your suit up so the leg opening is higher. This will put the suit in the "correct" place and then the body won't be too short.

Problem: The suit neckline is way up by my neck and it feels like it's choking me.

Solution: You've ordered a suit that is too big for you, or too long for you . Order a size smaller next time.

However, here is the ideal you should be trying for.

If you wear your suit incorrectly, it will not fit correctly. Our suits are designed to make your legs look as long as possible.

So pull up those suits girls, and don't wear them like underwear!