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Introducing Dye-Sub Synchro Costumes

Oh my! Where do I start? We are so excited with this new development!

TaggerWear will this summer invest in the equipment to produce custom printed design swimsuits. We have had this ability for a few years, but always through a third party partner.

Now we are investing in this new technology by Epson - digital dye-sublimation printing. This means that any image can be reproduced on fabric -- no matter how complex. Below is an earlier example of this technology done for the Reedsburg Stingrays - a swim club - back in 2010.

Today, the technology is completely digital, going from a computer illustration program directly to heat transfer system. The colours are intense, well saturated, and there's no "smile" effect. That happens when the white of the fabric shows through when the fabric is stretched.

Earlier technology has this problem -- as see in the photo.

Our goal is to be set up and ready to go for the 2017-2018 Season. We will be in a position to do reversible spacing suits too -- design on one side and plain black figure suits on the other. Two suits in one -- saving you some money!

We've already got one club booked!

The drawback of this technology is that the fabric is not sparkly. This is not acceptable for synchro! So these suits get stoned. How many stones is up to you, and we will be offering several brands to give you a choice on cost.

The types of stones we will have are:

  • Swarovski (most expensive)

  • Preciosa

  • Korean/Chinese

  • Acrylic