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Let's Talk Dye-Sublimation!

Since the Summer Olympics of 2012, Synchronized Swimmers have seen swimsuits made by Dye-Sublimation printing.

What does that mean? For those who don't know, it means that we print the design you want, directly on the fabric.

No longer is there a need to select fabrics and colours to create the design, because we create the design and print it -- just like you do your photos on your colour printer at home.

So why do you need this? Well, cost is one of the answers. Dye-sublimation printing makes the over all cost less. How? Less labour. There are fewer hours required to make a dye-sub swimsuit as compared to a cut and sew design, fewer steps in making them.

For example, the same design that takes 5 hours to make with cut and sew techniques would take a little more than hour with dye-sublimation. The design-making time remains the same, but the actual sewing is much faster.

Not only that, but effects like shading, 3D, gradients, and photo realism are now possible. With a cut and sew swimsuit, those effects can be possible, but at great cost. Some of the designs we have done over the years have over 30 pieces of fabric to cut out and sew together to create a design.

Dye-sublimation suits have only two pieces to cut and sew. Simple. It's all in the design.

So what's the down side? The only down side is that dye-sublimation printing is not sparkly, shiny, or metallic. So it doesn't shine. And you NEED it to shine and sparkle.

So what do you do? Add rhinestones. We offer several qualities of rhinestones - one will fit your budget. So now your suit sparkles even more!

Another benefit of dye-sublimation? We can create REVERSIBLE swimsuits.


So just think .... no longer is there a need to buy TWO swimsuits, a figure suit and a spacing suit. They can be combined into one. Black on one side and a design on the other.

Welcome to the 21st Century! Finally -- DIGITAL Dye-Sublimation Synchro Suits, produced in Canada!