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Deadlines Rule!

We live by deadlines -- in our work, in our off-time, in our play and sports. We're always on the clock, having to be there by a specific time. Our doctor's appointments, our school, our competition times.

The clock rules our lives, which is an interesting idea for a human construct. Nothing else on this planet cares much about "time".

At TaggerWear, we're ruled by the clock too. But our governing clock is your deadline. Since 2005, the very first year we started in the business of providing custom sportswear, we have respected the deadline our customer gives us.

The MOST important thing for us, is when you want your product by. In the sports world, and especially youth sports, the majority of competitions take place during the school year. Clubs convene in September and and generally finished by June. Local, provincial, and some national competitions are wrapped up by the end of the School year, leaving international and high level national events for the summer time.

So it's not a big surprise that everyone in the Synchro world needs their swimsuits at the same time! Delivery dates happen between November through January. We're in production by September, and all of the teams are out before the end of January.

Across Canada, each province has their own calendar, and unfortunately, they don't always coordinate. The earliest competitions are in December, so in order to make sure you get your suits on time, we need to work on them sooner than later.

So how's a club suppose to start earlier than their registration date? Most clubs don't get back together until September; but the coaches have been thinking about their next routine all summer. Yeah, I know, their brains are watching international swimmers at the highest levels, looking for ideas for routines, music, and costumes.

So did you know, we can start on your designs before you know who is swimming for you? There are three steps to getting a swimsuit made:

  1. Create a design

  2. Transfer design to pattern

  3. Produce swimsuit

With the exception of step three, all of the work is done on computer. So in actual fact, we can have the design up, done, and ready to sew before you have your swimmers. Then it's just a matter of determining sizes.

So here's a suggestion to the club registrars: on that big day you have 100 swimmers descending on your pool to register for synchro, you get their names, a fee, they select clothes, and purchase suits. Get their measurements! A simple step, added into the registration process will save time in the long-run.

Think of it as an assembly line: the swimmers will go through a series of desks that deal with each step.

  1. Main desk is name, contact, and money

  2. Second desk is selecting team clothes, and money

  3. Third desk is measuring for costume, and money

Budda bing, budda bang. Done!

You have measurements even before the teams are made up. Easy, peasy. 'cause you know it's the only time you can guarantee they'll be there.

Send those measurements to the person making your suits! They'll start the paperwork to create the suits. By the time your team is made up, the suit is designed, the measurements are done, and you have the deposit already.

And if you're dealing with us, well we'll be able to start sewing right away. You may even get your suits by October! Imagine that!

Now the caveat to all that is we serve dozens of clubs across Canada, and many of them know this trick

already. So how do we schedule? Well, it depends on your deadline. We create work back schedules, which start with your deadline, selection of shipping, and then calculate backwards to when we must start your project. If you miss that date, well, we cannot guarantee your project done on time. But we will move heaven and earth in order to deliver your product on time.

And so far, we have not missed a single deadline. Not one. In 12 years of business.