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Vivid Colour, Child Safe Fabric!

What can I say? Dye-Sublimation is here, and it's hot!

Our first tests of graphic design garments have been spectacular. Even older designs for cut and sew swimsuits look better dye-sublimated!

But the colours from photographs, make this technology even more impressive.

Shown -ft some older very complex designs done originally with cut and sew fabrics; these designs would have benefited from dye-sublimation.

The colours are so true, that its makes any artwork spectacular. Plus we can add shadowing, gradients, and other effects to enhance the design.

The most exciting development though is using photographs. The rich textures, colour make the possibilities endless.

Look at these two pieces above, where a combination of graphic design and photography have been used to create deeply saturated colours on both mesh and solid Chloroban (TM) swimsuit fabric.

Using gradients, we can create dramatic design to your specification.

Even fabrics specially design to breathe have amazing saturation.

This is a t-shirt printed on Active Mesh, commonly used for athletics clothing, track and field, and jerseys for other sports. The fabric has perforations for breathe-ability.

All of this, PLUS, the dyes used in this process are certified as Child-Safe, and can be used in the manufacture of infant and children's clothing, AND they are fade-resistant. Printed of 50 SPF Chloroban, makes them chlorine and salt-water resistant too.

What's not to love about this latest in Digital Dye-Sublimation? Oh, and the machines are ecologically minded. The paper used is completely non-toxic and recyclable. Waste dye can be recycled to at a specialized recycling plant.

Welcome to TaggerWear 2.0.

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