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Do I Need A Sizing Kit?

As a Club Clothing Coordinator, your job is to properly size each athlete in your club, and order the appropriate clothing for the club.

So every year, you ask yourself, "Do I need sizing clothes?"

The answer is Yes. You do need sizing clothes; especially if you are sizing swimsuits.

But purchasing them ever year is expensive and swimsuits do not work more than one year. That is why we have come up with a cost-effective solution.

In this solution, the club pre-orders one item in each of the most common sizes. Those clothes will serve as the sizing kit and then be sold to the athletes -- providing the club with the function a sizing kit without being stuck with the cost of a sizing kit. Think of it as having a store that you have for people to browse and try on items before they order or buy.

Many years ago, when we were starting out, we used sizing suits. We quickly discovered they don't work because the clothes become stretched after a year and the size is no longer true. We dropped that for a more accurate method and have had far fewer fit issues as a result.

CASE: Swimmers, Divers, Synchro, and Other Aquatic Sports

In the case of swimmers: If they are not wearing a name brand like Speedo or TYR, then we do not have a suit size reference. That is one of the components we use in determining fit.

A swimmer's measurements don't tell us what size they like to wear, they tell us what size they fit into.

For example, often, especially in the elite swimmers, their measurements would put them in a suit two sizes larger than they choose to wear.

We cannot tell this without a suit size. Some manufacturer's sizing is not published, and they are non-standard so they cannot be used. If your club has reported fit issues, then you need to minimize risk. Many of those issues are based on improper sizing kits, or the used of old suits.

So to protect you from further fit issues and unnecessary cost, the most cost-effective way to ensure the best fit is to confirm measurements by fitting an actual suit.

After all, when you purchase a piece of clothing on in a store, you try it on first, correct?