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Copyright and Sublimating

This year TaggerWear has started a new service: printing -- or sublimating -- fabric for custom swimsuits.

So what is different?

Being able to print the fabric for swimsuits means that we've gained the ability to create more complex designs. Using illustration software we can create designs, images, drawings, patterns, or pretty much anything you can dream up.

But there is a caveat to that: Since we are not using fabric to create the patterns, it means we are redrawing design changes. The means that the work to create the design is more labour intensive than the sewing.

With cut & sew garments, the labour is in the sewing. Patterns need to be cut out, fabric needs to be cut out, and all the pieces sewn together to create the design. Often hours of work goes into creating a sparkly fabric design. Hence the higher cost, and the limitation on what is possible for a reasonable cost.

In dye-sublimation, all the work is up front. There are no paper patterns to print, no fabric pieces to cut out, and sewing the garment together is straight forward. BUT -- creating the design -- is drawing on the computer.

We often go directly to computer to create the design, but for more complex designs we work from a hand drawing. This is why, when the design changes completely, it creates more expense. We have to redraw the design again.