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2018 Pricing for Dye-Sublimated Swimsuits

We have been producing dye-sublimated - or printed - Synchro swimsuits for 6 months and we are in full-production!

As of January 1, 2018, we will have new prices and five categories of swimsuits:

A. Simple suits - no clasps, zippers, or spaghetti straps

B. Suits with simple straps such as High Back or Sport Back

C. Suits with Spaghetti straps, clasps, or zippers

D. K-Strap suits such as Reversible Spacing suits

E. Custom pattern or style suits

CATEGORY A - Simple Suits

These styles are quick to produce and cost the least.

  • Cross back (both double and triple straps)

  • Racer back

  • Halter

  • Full back

  • U-Back

  • V-Back

CATEGORY B - Straight Straps

These styles require some additional work that makes them more expensive than Category A. The styles include Sport Back and High Back with Sport straps.

CATEGORY C - Spaghetti, Clasps, and Zippers

These styles all require a considerable amount of extra work beyond assembly to finish. Thus they are the most expensive to produce.

  • Spaghetti straps (double or triple)

  • Zippered suits

  • Keyhole suits (large or small)

  • High back with spaghetti straps

CATEGORY D - K-Strap Suits

This style is a bound suit, using an elastic inside a binding to make the openings smooth and reversible.

CATEGORY E - Custom styles

Styles which do not fall into any other category are listed here. This includes suits with special cut keyholes, off-the-shoulder styles, or custom straps. Since they do not fall into a style that has been developed and tested, these can have unpredictable results. Sometimes the straps or design you have envisioned may not work out the way you expect.


Each category will have a Base Cost that covers the cost of materials and labour to make the suit. These are standardized costs that are fairly consistent.

All printed swimsuits are made from Chloroban (TM) polyester swimwear fabric. All printed Routine suits are all lined with a silver foiled fabric product to ensure there are no see-through suits - even with white and light colours.


There will be a minimum fee of $16.50 for design. This covers time required for changing existing designs or 1/2 hour of time for a new design.

Very complex designs take hours to create and are more expensive. The cost of the design is divided between the swimmers in the team.

If a design requested comes from another company, you will be required to sign a release form that shows you have obtained permission from that company to use their design. TaggerWear does not copy other work from another company.

Please note: If additional designs are explored for the same team, solo, or duet; each design is an additional $50.00.


As with any company providing a similar service, there is a setup fee for preparing the project for print.

Setup is the process of going from an illustration to an actual size print of the design. This setup creates the DIGITAL PROOF that is sent for final approval. The setup fee also covers the layout time for printing and pressing, as well as the graphic art time for adjusting designs to fit multiple sizes. The setup fee is applied to the order once.

Our setup fees for printing swimsuits is as follows:

  • Solos - $15

  • Duets - $12.50 per swimmer

  • Teams - $75 - divided between the swimmers

from this ---------------------------------> to this.


To calculate the cost of a printed swimsuit, you apply the following formula:

Base Cost + Setup Fee + Design Fee = Cost/swimmer

So let's take the design above as an example:

This is a Category C suit because it is a spaghetti strap suit.

The Base Cost is $104.00

For a solo the set up fee is $15.00

Design fee for this was $33.00 for two hours.

Total: $152.00 (plus tax and shipping)

The same design for a team of 8 individual cost would be: $117.51 (plus tax and shipping)

Base cost of $104.00

Setup fee of $9.38 ($75/8)

Design fee of $4.13 ($33/8)

For a duet, the individual cost would be: $133.00 (plus tax and shipping)

Base cost of $104.00

Setup fee of $12.50

Design fee of $16.50 ($33/2)

Let's try a simple design:

Category A Suit with a base cost of $88

Setup fee for the team $75

Design time is $16.50

Individual cost is $88 + 9.38 + 2.06 = $99.44 (plus tax and shipping)

Costing Reversible Spacing Suits

Reversible Spacing Suits are made 100% of Chloroban(TM). The printed side is based on White, and the Black side and binding is Black Chloroban. Since Spacing suits are for a whole club, usually the quantities are more than 25 pieces per order. If the club's order is for more than 40 pieces, a 10% discount will apply. A Purchase Order is required.

Category D has a base cost of $92.00

The Setup fee is $75.00

The Design fee of $150

To calculate the per suit cost on 25 pieces:

$92.00 + 3.00 + 6 = $101.00 (plus tax and shipping)

For an order of 60 pieces:

$92.00 + 1.25 + 2.50 = $95.75 (plus tax and shipping)

With an order of 40 pcs or more there is a discount of 10%; so the final cost is $86.20 per suit (plus tax and shipping).

With spacing suits, since this is done over and over each year, the design fee is waived after the first run. So a 2nd run of 40 or more suits is $93.25 - 10% = $83.94 each suit (plus tax and shipping).

This allows us to create a stable base Price List for 2018 and you will know more or less what the cost of your suit design would be.

Why not have one set price?

We do not have one set price to cover all suits, because we would have to overcharge you in order to cover exceptions. Each style requires different amounts of materials and time. It would be unfair to the customers who select simple suits to charge them a price that would cover a complex suit.

Why is tax and shipping extra?

We sell and ship suits all over North America. Every location has a different tax and freight cost. So a flat rate would be unfair to you.

Your Estimate will include freight for the order, based on weight for your location. This is why we will require your shipping location up front in order to estimate freight costs. To charge a flat rate, we would have to overcharge everyone in order to make sure we covered costs.

The government of Canada expects us to pay taxes on product we sell. The Estimate will also show you the taxes charged to your club for the order.

How do we make the suit Sparkle?

Printed suits do not sparkle. The fabric has a matte finish. So to make them sparkle, we have several options for you:

  1. SPANGLES - a new product that is an iron-on metallic sparkle. It's the same sparkle that is added to fabric during the milling process when you purchase metallic fabrics. The difference is that these are specific designs. Spangles are fixed measurements and colours and can be made to order in what ever colour you like. They do not scale in size according to the size of the suit, so that is important to remember. Each Spangle sheet adds between $7-10 to the cost of the suit.

  2. RHINESTONES - Crystal rhinestones are an old favorite. They are scalable, sparkly, and can follow the design of your suit. They can add considerable cost to your suit, depending on the quality and quantity you want. Sold in packages of 1 gross (144 pcs).


Nothing beats the traditional cut and sew suit in sparkle. We still make cut and sew designs as intricate as you want. Remember, the same design level cannot always be achieved, and they tend to be labour intensive. Because the variety on cut and sew design is so vast, we can only list a base cost for the following styles:

10000 Open Back Nude Base $80.00 (plus tax and shipping)

19000 Closed Back Nude Base $84.00 (plus tax and shipping)

Design Fee minimum is $16.50

Pattern Fee minimum is $50.00

A nude base suit uses nude colour power net mesh as the base of the suit and is fully lined with nude Helenca lining. The design elements in metallic or plain spandex are sewn onto the nude base.

Design fees include the creation of a design illustration, from which a sewing pattern is created and graded to the number of sizes required. The Pattern fee includes the grading, printing, and cutting of sewing patterns for each design element, per size.

Our Estimate incorporates the cost of the Base, Design, Patterns, Materials, and Labour for individual suits. Average cost for C&S suits is $150.00 (plus tax and shipping).