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Nothing to do during the cold snap?

If you find yourself hiding indoors during this cold snap, don't. Come and spend your Wednesdays in February with us and take a sewing class at TaggerWear! We specialize in working with STRETCH fabric -- for all that casual clothing you love to wear to the gym, around the house, or even as a slinky black dress. It's all stretch

There is a variety of classes to from which to choose: from beginner serger classes to advanced techniques on sergers. We've got Textile courses, Yoga Jacket courses, and Swimsuit courses.

Come learn in the environment where we actually manufacture our sportswear; use the "big" machines and have some fun creating a professionally finished garment.

You'll add a new piece to your wardrobe!

Learn to Serge

This workshop is 8 hours long divided into two 4-hour sessions. In this workshop, you start learning how to work with stretch fabric and get to know your serger, what it can do, how to operate it, and especially how not to be afraid of it! Everyone's afraid of their new serger -- it's a power tool! It cuts and sews at the same time. Threading a serger is a daunting task -- yes. But at the end of 8 hours, you will know that machine inside, out, upside down, and backwards!

Once you're comfortable with your machine the second half of the class will show you how to create a pattern for a simple 8-panel bell skirt. You will learn how to put it together, learning techniques for corners, points, overlapping seams, hemming, and elastic insertion. You will have the opportunity of finishing the skirt with either a coverstitch machine or a sewing machine.

The workshop provides the following materials:

  • Fabric samples to practice on

  • Your choice of fabric for one skirt.

  • Custom sewing pattern

  • Thread

  • Elastic

  • You need to bring your own serger

$225.00 per person, plus tax.

Sew a Swimsuit

This workshop is 8 hours in one day. You need to be familiar with your serger, how to thread, how to change settings, and be comfortable with operating it. We do not teach how to use the machine in this one. See the previous class instead.

This workshop extends knowledge of working with stretch fabric. Swimwear is that garment that needs to fit well. A basic one-piece swimsuit is an essential garment in anyone's wardrobe, and often women are just not satisfied with the one they have.

In this workshop, you will get to create a basic "Speedo-like" one piece suit. We will provide the pattern, that you can take home with you. You will learn how to alter the pattern to suit your taste, colour block, and choose fabric.

For assembly of the suit, you will learn industrial techniques that will let you put it together quickly, efficiently, and professionally. You will learn inside seaming, flat-locking, elastic insertion, and coverstitch. You can also learn how to make and attach spaghetti straps.

The workshop provides the following materials:

  • 1 meter of fabric

  • 1 meter of swimsuit lining

  • 5m of FILPAR elastic

  • Thread

  • TaggerWear Pattern 10000

  • Machines - although you may bring your own.

$225.00 per person, plus tax.

Making a Yoga Jacket

This workshop is 6-8 hours in one day (6 for sure, 8 if you need it). You should be familiar with operating a serger and a sewing machine. Machines can be provided for you, but you may also bring your own.

This workshop extends knowledge of working with stretch fabric to inserting a zipper.

Yoga is big! Yoga clothes are even more popular for everyday wear. A warm-up jacket is essential gear for classes. So why not come and learn how to make your own?

You will learn how to trace and customize a pattern; colour block; assemble the jacket -- either a raglan sleeve or a set-in sleeve; insert a zipper into stretch fabric with a collar; "stitch in the ditch" technique; and hem and finish.

The workshop provides the following materials:

  • Your choice of fabric for the jacket - up to 1.5 m

  • Black Separating Zipper

  • Thread

  • Customized sewing pattern

  • Machines - although you may bring your own.

Rhinestoning Workshop

This 2-hour workshop is all about sparkle. As we say in our business "Glitter is good!" We add sparkle to all kinds of garments, not just costumes.

Today, rhinestones come from many different companies in a wide variety of qualities from the very best in Swarovski, to costume jewelry stones you would be at the dollar store.

You will learn the following:

  • The different kinds of rhinestones available

  • Sizing of stones, industry standards