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Mermaids Are Coming!

We all dreamt of being a mermaid or merman when we were young ... gliding through the water effortlessly, not needing to breathe. Sitting and sunning ourselves on rocks by the sea ...

Ahem ...

Oh that was just me!

Well you too can be a mermaid -- or merman -- with the Luna Collection(TM) from FINIS. FINIS has been making mermaid dreams come true for many years and we will have their products @TaggerWear!

They have a new line of Mermaid tails for adults that are a two footed monofin. The fin is flexible and easy to wear. It helps you glide through the water, nearly effortlessly. A little practice is required to be graceful.

They can be used in salt-water and pool-water too. So you can swim with the fishies and like the fishies, when you're snorkling or playing in the pool.

FINIS has a complete line of Mermaid accessories too like caps and goggles.

So picture yourself, or your daughter or son, having a cool mermaid party ... or lounging by the pools idly dipping your fins in the water....

We can even help you with your mermaid costume.