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A New Day is Dawning ...

Almost a year has passed since we had to shut down in the middle March 2020? For some the past year has been horrible, draining, and dangerous. While others have been stuck at home without human contact bored out of their minds. Talk about a lost year. Buh bye 2020. Now we look to the future. What do we see? Uncertainty still, yes. Hope, yes. Anxiety, yes. But we all want to go forward. We all need to go forward.

We have made it through 2020 and hopefully the worst that COVID-19 can throw at us. Looking forward to the next Artistic Swimming season, it looks pretty complicated. We do not know how many clubs have survived, nor how many families will be able to make the commitment this next year to have their daughters (and hopefully sons) participate in artistic swimming. We can only wish everyone made it through as healthy and well as possible.

As a business TaggerWear is still here. We had to pivot our business significantly a year ago, in order to find a new niche in which to grow and survive.

We are still doing dye-sublimation but we no longer have sewing staff. If we are going to service the sports community again by making custom swimsuits and other clothing, we will need to know how many customers will be returning and what they expect their volume to be so that we can hire new staff and be ready.

To that end we have set up a short informational survey on our website at https://www.taggerwear.com/survey.

We would appreciate it if you could take a minute to fill it out. It will help us get some sense of what the fall season may be like.

In the meantime, stay safe!