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Coping with COVID-19

Sitting here in my former living room/store that is now a “pitched tent” office, I ask myself what will happen to all of us?

While some of us are working to save the rest of us, and others are wondering if they will have a job when this is over, small businesses serving very specific customers face obliteration.

TaggerWear is one of those businesses. We have worked very hard for the past 17 years to provide the very best service and products possible. So it is with a heavy heart, that we have to put TaggerWear into Hibernation at the end of May 2020.

Be clear -- We are NOT closing - and we are NOT folding and going out of business. We are taking actions to preserve our business for when our customers’ lives return to semblance of normal.

What does that mean? Well, in June we will be moving our business assets into a storage facility for safekeeping - this will give us time to react properly.

Store products such as dance shoes, rhinestones, dance clothes, and anything else we have in our store, will return to our home so that we can accommodate online sales.

We will also be able to do some custom sewing at the house again, as we will bring home a few machines. However, making costumes for an entire team will not be possible without staff … and they’re safely staying at home for now.

We will also NOT be doing dye-sublimation of fabric ourselves for the time being, but we possibly have alternatives that will allow us to outsource this work temporarily.

How Long Will Hibernation Last?

When the government of Ontario rolled out their plan for reopening the province for business, youth sports, dance, and social activities were not listed.

These activities require skin on skin contact and close proximity, so I do not expect they will resume in full until there is widespread access to a vaccine.

A time frame of 12-18 months is being talked about for that to happen. It’s hard to believe that we can last that long, but it’s important to try. Our only hope is hibernation.

We don’t feel we can wait any longer before taking control of our future as much as can be done right now. Without any revenue to speak of, making rent payments is impossible for an extended period of time. If we were to hold on in our premises, we would eventually have no choice but to sell everything and fold.

By hibernating now, we can save our business and give ourselves the time to see how things go.

Will Our Store Be Open?

When the government lets us open as a retail space, we will be open. We will have our inventory of dance shoes still at our disposal, along with dance wear that was already in the store.

If someone needs to try on shoes before buying, we understand. We will take customers one at a time by appointment and follow some strict guidelines - such as wearing face masks and gloves - during service.

What Happens to Our Sewing Lessons?

I am currently working out how to create some quality sewing lessons for online distribution. I have to figure out the best way to do this, but know that I am planning on doing this before the end of the summer. All customers booked for lessons already, will be honoured, and somehow I will figure out how to deliver a one-on-one session with you remotely.

Ultimately What Does This Mean for TaggerWear?

As a factory, TaggerWear is inoperable for the foreseeable future. We will not be able to mass produce anything, nor can we do dye-sublimation directly.

As a dance wear source, I personally can fulfill individual orders and we can still sell shoes.

We will keep everyone informed via the following channels, so be sure that you are subscribed to at least one of them:

Stay safe, everyone, and we will see you again when it is possible to do so!