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Fall is Here!

Fall has always traditionally been a time to start things: school, dance lessons, a new hobby, taking classes, exercising -- things that we think will help us get through the winter months!

Fall is usually a very busy season for us too -- by now we're processing hundreds of orders of swimsuits for Artistic Swimmers across Canada and the United States. But sadly, those pools are still, the swimmers are at home, and the coaches are still dreaming of the perfect choreo for the next team.

Elite swimmers are still training, perhaps individually, but they cannot afford to be still if they want to stay in the Elite ranks of the world.

COVID-19 continues to control our lives, making hay of plans and dreams. Luckily at TaggerWear, a new client of ours makes medical masks, and we are dye-sublimating his designs. So we are now counted as an "essential service".

What to do this Fall?

Well, we have some sewing classes to get you started in the world of sewing stretch garments. For example, since you love wearing leggings, how about making a pair for yourself that are lined with warm fleece or velvet? Last month (September) we scheduled a whole lot of courses, which as it turned out didn't work with people going back to work. This month (October) we left most of the classes unscheduled and available for booking as private lessons.

Next month (November) you can book private lessons for the same price as a group lesson! Choose the day that is convenient for you, and make the booking. If the time is available, you will get a confirmation

from us. If you want, bring a friend -- we have room for four students in our socially distanced classroom.

Here's a link directly to the right page! ======>

We also take suggestions. As long as it's stretch garments -- because, let's face it, I don't make tailored garments :) -- I can design a workshop for you. Someone asked about learning how to make their own undergarments.

Perhaps it's just a skill you need to learn, like sewing in a zipper. We have a workshop for that too. You'll learn how to put in three different types of zippers: Dress zipper, Jacket zipper, and an Invisible zipper. Maybe you've never sewn anything in your life and need a crash course on hand sewing. We have one of those too -- Survival Sewing 101. You'll learn about hand sewing, how to hem, and how to sew on a button.

I can also teach you industrial sewing: if you need to learn a new skill for a job, or just for your own purposes. For example: a couple who were starting a craft leather making business needed to learn how to sew in order to work on leather. So I created a lesson for them on an industrial sewing machine.

Update on Costume Making

Without a regular staff of sewers, I am not able to take on new team orders at this time. However, I have been asked about individuals and I'm happy to say, that yes -- I will continue to work with individuals for costume needs. The lead time on these costumes will be longer than it was about 4-6 weeks depending on what is on my plate at the time.