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How to Print your Fabric

So you've decided that you want a custom printed fabric for your garment. Excellent! We can help you with that. We have a 44" Digital Dye-Sublimation system and a continuous Rotary Press so we can print yardage.

As with most things in sewing, you need to decide on the direct of your print. Because we are doing it custom, you have a choice. It all follows the Greatest Degree of Stretch rule. Most stretch fabrics stretch more between the selvage edges than they do along the length of the bolt. This is not a tried and true rule though. So you have to test your fabric.

Your fabric must be polyester spandex -- it cannot be nylon spandex. Nylon spandex will melt, not print. We have a variety of weights and types of stretch fabric from light weight mesh to heavy neoprene-like fabric. We even have specialty fabrics like chiffon, satin, and even suede made from polyester fibers that can be printed.

How do you determine which direction you want the design to go? Determine how you want the stretch to go. If you want it to go around the body (generally this is preferred) and you want the design to wrap around the body, then you want to print your design across the bolt. This lets you print a continuous design for as much fabric as you need. The maximum width is 43" but you don't have a maximum length.