Since the beginning, we have had the privilege of making some stunning designs. Some designs are ideas our customers have come up with, others are concepts we have created for our customers.

We take those ideas and develop them on computer using Adobe Illustrator before we make patterns using CAD software designed for the garment industry.

The result is an accurate translation from idea to fabric.

The designs we have created since 2011 can be done either with traditional means of sewing pieces together or printed using Digital Dye-Sublimation. In addition, we can adapt any of these designs to other garments. They are not only for swimsuits. 

So if you see a design that would express you in any other activity, we can do it. 

We do have a limited selection of ready-to-wear swimsuits, available through our online store. 

All Designs by Season

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Open back suits need a strap selection. Closed back suits do not need straps.

If you want sparkly fabrics, you want a traditional suit. 

If you already have a design idea in mind you can send us that design.

If you are selecting one of our basic traditional designs, you can select the colour and fabric for them in this section.

Please complete your name, address, and email to get a quotation from us. If you are affiliated with a club, that is helpful, in case we have other suits for that club. This can help you save money on shipping.

Let us know when you need your suit by. If you want to save money, select Expedited Parcel, and remember that shipping can take up to two weeks. 

Please indicate your payment preference.

Lastly, tell us how many suits you will need: A Team would be 5 or more swimmers, a club would be more than one design.


Do you need a specific theme?

We've made many suits to fit a theme so we have organized some of them into categories for you. We will be adding more themes this year, so keep watch.

Sun, Moon, Stars
Aliens, Monsters, Space, and Horror
Jackets, Suits, Corsets
Bollywood, Asia, Travel
Music, Instruments
Movie and TV Characters
Fire and Ice
Floral, Petals, and Lace
Circus, Clowns, Very Colorful
Sports, Cheer, Teams
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